Vision/Master Planning

The City of Crescent City is preparing a vision master plan and redevelopment plan update for Crescent City’s downtown and the US Hwy 17 corridor in collaboration with project consultants Aryes and CHW. The planning and design recommendations are to meet the City’s residents and business community’s aspirations for the future of the City.

To do this we want your input!

Public meeting 1: Ideas gathering

Crescent City, Commission Chambers, Tuesday, August 29, 2023, 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

La ciudad de Crescent City sta preparando un plan maestro de visi6n y una ac alizacion del plan de redesarrollo para el centro e Crescent City y el corredor de la US Hwy 17 n colaboraci6n con los consultores de Ayres y cfiw. Las recomendaciones de planificacion y disefio son para satisfacer las aspiraciones de los resideµtes de la Ciudad y la comunidad empresarial para el futuro de la ciudad.

jPara esto queremos su opini6n!

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Ira asamblea publica: reunion de ideas

City Hall Commission Chambers
3 N Summit St. Crescent City, FL 32112
martes 29 de agosto d 2023 – 5:00 a 8:00 pm
(puertas abiertas).

The City of Crescent City is preparing a Vision Master Plan and Redevelopment Plan Update in collaboration with Ayres, a planning design and engineering consultant. The plan will focus on the City’s downtown and Hwy 17 corridor, public infrastructure improvements such as streets, trails and recreation and redevelopment strategies in downtown and other areas including the former Middle School site.

The Vision Master Plan will guide the City’s redevelopment activities and public priorities over the next several years. This plan will be realized in collaboration with the City’s residents, business owners, community organizations, decision makers and staff. To do this we want your input!


What’s been done so far?

GIS mapping and area assessments are underway and will be presented to the City in September.


How can I be involved?

Take the online survey and attend Public Meeting 1 – Assessment and Initial Feedback on August 29, 2023. Click here for more details.


What’s next?

The project consultant team of Ayres and CHW is preparing the assessments through a collaborative public outreach process. The project is organized in three phases and scheduled to be completed in early 2024. The Phase 1 Data Assessment and City Positioning is scheduled to be completed in September.

Ultimately, the CRA Board and the City Commission will adopt the Vision Master Plan and Redevelopment Plan Update. We hope that you will have had a chance to think about the City’s redevelopment, learn about the challenges and opportunities, and add your thoughts.

Questions? Contact Charles Rudd, City Manager, Phone: 386-698-2525, Email: [email protected]