City Surplus

The City of Crescent City’s surplus equipment, miscellaneous supplies, furniture, heavy equipment, and vehicles will be sold periodically throughout the year as they become available to the general public. The Finance Department is charged with ensuring responsible disposal of all items which are no longer needed by the City. Surplus will be sold, for the most part, by the City or through a third party online auction.

All items are sold to the highest bidder.  All property is sold “as is” and “where is”.  The City makes no warranty or guarantee to the condition, make of manufacturer, model number or operation of any unit of property. Please note, the purchasers may be restricted to the number of items that can be bid upon during a specified time period.

Current Surplus Auction Items


Bidding starts at $200 for each item listed above.

Bids can be submitted in the following ways:
(1) In-person: at City Hall - 3 N Summit St, Crescent City, FL 32112
(2) Email: [email protected]

Please include the following information when submitting a bid:
Phone Number
Email Address
Bid Amount

NOTE: If submitting in person, a signature, time, and date must be provided for the bid to be valid and eligible for award.


[email protected] for more information