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There are two (2) Vacancies for the Code Enforcement Board. This Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 5:30 pm, if you are interested in volunteering for this position please fill out the attached document and you can send it back to [email protected]

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The City Commission understands that one of its primary policy concerns is to optimize the health, safety and quality of life of residents, business owners and visitors to our city. It is pursuant to this understanding that that the City has established a unified code of ordinances to establish the regulatory framework to help carry out this policy.

City Charter

Crescent City’s Land Development Code

The City Commission continues to evaluate and update these regulations, and as a result, the code provisions published to this website are periodically amended.  The code provisions linked to this webpage may not reflect the most current regulatory framework for the topic you may be researching. Please contact City Hall to make certain you understand how these code provisions are currently enforced and to verify that the provisions published on this website are the most up-to-date before taking any action relevant to the codes you are reading here.

The City Commission has identified several areas of concern they feel are in need of focused education and enforcement in order to preserve and protect the standard of living Crescent City residents have come to enjoy. These areas include:

Land Development Code – Crescent City, Florida (

The City’s Sign regulations are found in Section 6.7 of the Land Development Code. Some of the basic regulations to keep in mind include, but are not limited to the following: All advertising signs in excess of six (6) square feet require a permit, which can be obtained at our City Hall. Total square footage of all signage together cannot exceed 250 sq ft and all advertising signage visible from the street counts toward the 250 square feet maximum.

Quick Facts About Signage

The City’ existing Garbage and Refuse Ordinance (Section 9 of the Code of Ordinances) requires every residence and commercial establishment to place their trash in suitable containers for collection by the City’s franchise waste hauler. It is important that each and every residence and commercial establishment comply with the trash receptacle requirements to avoid trash being spread throughout the City. The waste hauler is not responsible for and will not collect trash that has been strewn from a collection point due to animals or wind.  Wet garbage must be placed in plastic or metal containers with lids. You may contact City Hall Customer Service at 698-2525 or the City’s waste hauler, Waste Pro at (386) 328-5445 for further information regarding refuse.


Section 9-50 of the City’s Code of Ordinances prohibits the storage of junked or discarded motor vehicles within the City limits. Junked or abandoned motor vehicles are defined as those without a current license plate and registration and / or are inoperable. Failure to comply with this Code requirement can result in the vehicles being removed by the City at the property owner’s expense in accordance with Section 9-52 of the Code of Ordinances. This Code does not prohibit the lawful storage and restoration of vehicles provided the vehicles are stored in an enclosed building in accordance with Article VII of the City’s Zoning Regulations.

Section 10-20 of the City’s Code of Ordinances requires that every lot owner within Crescent City keep their lot free and clear of weeds, grass, garbage waste and trash as often as may be reasonably necessary.  Section 10-23 of the Code provides that it is unlawful to store rubbish, old cans, automobile parts, or other materials that may be blown around during time of windstorm so as to endanger the lives of adjacent property owners. These Code Sections are intended to provide reasonable minimum standards for the care and maintenance of properties in Crescent City. While each owner or occupant may feel it is his or her right to keep their property in a certain condition, their actions can have a direct affect on the health, safety and quality of life of adjacent property owners.

 Section 9-3 of the Code of Ordinances prohibits the placement of “garden trash” (leaves and clippings) on any street, alley, sidewalk or public right of way. While this may be a minor concern to some, the impact of blowing grass clippings into the streets is much larger than one might expect.  Because Crescent City is a very old City, a majority of the City’s storm water drainage system discharges directly to Lake Crescent and / or Lake Stella. When the streets and curbs are laden with grass clippings and leaves, these can be transmitted via storm water runff to our lakes. These pollutants, though less threatening than oils and pesticides, are nonetheless a problem. The decomposition of these materials by microorganisms in the water results in what is known BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand). If there is a sufficient amount of grass and leaves, the BOD can rise to such a level where the health of fish and other aquatic vertebrates is threatened.  Your assistance with the proper disposal of leaves and grass clippings is not only appreciated by your fellow citizens, but the aquatic wildlife of our lakes and streams are much obliged as well.


As the City has developed over the last 100 plus years; many have come to enjoy the small town, informal way business has been conducted including enforcement of City Codes and Standards. Code Enforcement hopes to build on that familiarity and preserve the personal element of government while ensuring the City Codes and Standards adopted by its citizens are adhered to. Code Enforcement realizes that some of our Citizens may be new and /or not familiar with Crescent City Code requirements. This is why we try to work with every citizen and landowner to come into compliance with Code requirements prior to proceeding to a formal Notice of Violation and Code.

Enforcement Board hearing.

After a verified complaint or violation is observed, a personal visit or phone call from our Code Enforcement Officer is the first course of action. This may be followed by a letter advising the violator of their need to comply and a follow up visit. If these informal efforts fail, a formal Notice of Violation is filed and a case is created for the Code Enforcement Board. Failure to comply may result in the levying of fines by the Code Enforcement Board, which are recorded as a lien against the property. If left unaddressed, the violation / lien can result in foreclosure on the property. Every reasonable effort is made to work with the landowner so as to avoid having to levy fines.

The Code Enforcement Board of Crescent City is comprised of five volunteer citizens who normally meet the fourth Tuesday of every month at 5:30 PM in the City Commission Chambers at 3 N. Summit Street. They work with the City’s Code Enforcement Officer to hear and decide code violation cases brought before them. These meetings are open to the public and you are invited to attend. The Code Enforcement Board is involved in enforcement of most aspects of the City Code, except those violations that are reserved for Police Department enforcement, such as parking or speeding.

Codes Enforcement Board Members


Maureen Cooper



Chris Coleman








Diane Sykes


Code Enforcement Officer

Pamela Taylor

Office: 386-698-2525 ext 100

Cell: 386-244-4078

The Board also considers applications for Fine Reduction. Please note that although the Board may hear your request, they are in no way obligated to provide any reduction. Applicants are encouraged to provide as much back-up data as possible as to the reason why their case merits a fine reduction. To be considered for a fine reduction, applicants must complete the Fine Reduction Request Application found at the link below, and have the form turned in along with all supporting data at least 30 days prior to the hearing they wish to appear. Applicants must be present or have an authorized representative appear at the hearing for consideration.


Code Enforcement Fine Reduction
Authorization To Represent Property Owner Form

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Code Enforcement Officer - Pam Taylor at 386-244-4078 or via email at [email protected]