Bass Fishing Tournament


Welcome to the inaugural kickoff of the FL North Legacy Division. This is stop one of two and will qualify you for the Legacy National Championships to be held in July 2024. Sign up by 8pm 21 June at

WHEN: JUNE 22ND 2024
Anglers arrive by 0530 for livewell checks. Tournament hours are safelight to 1pm. 

All children ages 18 and under are welcome.

 $80 Entry fee Artificial lures only Only two lines in the water at any time

WHERE: CRESCENT LAKE: Margarey Neal Nelson, Sunrise Park, Boat Ramp 105 Cypress Ave, Crescent City, FL 32112Each Legacy team must consist of one adult and one or more juniors with only two members fishing at one time. No solo fishing in Legacy Tournaments. An Adult/Junior team is defined as a team with one member who has reached his/her nineteenth birthday before January 1 of the current year and at least one other member who has not reached his/her nineteenth birthday on or before January 1, of the current year. Those under 18 years of age, not fishing with a parent, must have written permission from a parent or guardian. 

Check fishing regulations for your area before heading out. Obtain necessary licenses. For more information see website below. Find us on FB- Fishers of Men Florida North

For more information please contact Joe Moyer at [email protected] or call 813-451-8574