Cold Weather Alert


PUTNAM COUNTY, FL    For Friday, Dec. 23rd – Sunday, December 25th.

Temperatures are predicted to be dropping below freezing, down to the low 20’s, beginning midnight, Friday, December 23rd.


Two organizations will be opening Shelters in Palatka, FL when the temperatures fall below 32 degrees, this weekend.   They will be open from 7 pm to 7 am, Fri/Sat/Sun, but will extend their hours in the morning if necessary until the temperature becomes 32 degrees.

1. First Presbyterian Church, Westminster Hall. Located at 126 South 2nd St, Palatka.

Approx. 20 beds.

2. Life Church. Located at 2701 Reid St, Palatka.

Families are encouraged to come to this location.


For those without a car, there are two possible transportation options to Palatka Shelters –

  1. Ride Solutions – operates at several stops in South County, M – F. LAST pickup times in South Putnam range from 2 pm to 3:45 pm, on Friday, December 23rd. The fare is $1.     (Not confirmed – where drop off is.  Maybe to the door of the location desired, or to Palatka Train Station. ) HOME – The Ride Solution 386.325.9999.  Note:  “They are able to transport people to the cold weather shelters .. (Friday) and bring them back on Monday morning. At the end of the normal route, the driver will be able to pick people up, around 5 pm.” 
  2. Putnam County Sheriff. Deputies can transport those without transportation to Palatka shelter locations.  To get a ride, you have to consent to a search for weapons/drugs. 

Please follow the link below:

HOME – The Ride Solution