Power Florida Forward – The Importance of Natural Gas in Florida


  • Natural gas is a clean, efficient, American energy source that is abundant, affordable, and reliable for Florida families and businesses.
  • For Florida homes, natural gas is a safe, affordable, and reliable source of energy for cooking, heating water and powering appliances, including generators, clothes dryers, and pool heaters.
  • Florida businesses rely on natural gas as a low-cost energy source for cooking, heating water, driving garbage and freight trucks, powering cargo or cruise ships, manufacturing products, and even sending rockets to space.


  • Natural gas powers Florida’s economy.
  • Annually,  natural  gas generates $3.53 billion in economic impact, contributes $1.93 billion in wages to Florid a families and provides $317.4 million in state and local tax revenue.
  • Natural gas provides $317.4 million in annual tax revenue to support schools, law enforcement and other import ant government services for Florida communities.
  • Natural gas creates 44,000 new jobs for Florida workers each year.
  • Currently, more than 700,000 homes rely on natural gas and nearly 70,000 businesses are powered by natural gas. That figure is expected to double during the next 70 years.


  • Environmental activists want to eliminate natural gas from the options available le to Florida homes and businesses.
  • In California, for example, many local governments have already banned natural gas in new developments and prohibited rep lacing broken appliances. Now, Californians are in the dark with rolling blackouts. They don’t have enough energy sources to power their needs.
  • Don’t bring failed California policies to Florida.


  • During the upcoming 2021 legislative session, Florida is pursuing a state level preemption to prevent local governments from banning natural gas.
  • This effort will preserve the choice, affordability, and reliability that Floridians expect when it comes to energy.


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