Community Redevelopment Area (C.R.A.)

Public Purpose

"Crescent City's Community Redevelopment Area (“CRA”), established in 1995 and updated in 2018 pursuant to the state of Florida's Community Redevelopment Act, enables the City Commission, acting as the Community Redevelopment Agency to make public improvements that will encourage private investment and facilitate neighborhood revitalization. These actions will assist in the rejuvenation of the older residential and commercial districts found within the CRA. The complete CRA Plan, which outlines the methods used to establish the CRA, the boundaries of the CRA and the purpose and goals of the CRA is available by clicking on the links above"

Revenue Information

“The Crescent City CRA does not charge any special taxes, fees, assessments or charges at this time. All revenue is generated from the tax increment collected from the City's and the County's ad valorem revenue. In prior years, the budget did provide a line for special event type revenue, which came from vendor space rentals and community donations supporting such events. The statutory authority to collect the tax increment revenue comes from Florida Statutes, section 163.330-163.463 and local ordinance Ord. 95-04."

Michele Myers
Mayor - Commissioner
315 Chestnut St.
Email: [email protected]

H. Harry Banks
Vice Mayor- Commissioner 
1040 Lake Argenta Dr.
Phone: (386) 698-4136
Email: [email protected]

Judith B. West
901 Orange Ave.
Phone: (386) 698-2370
Email: [email protected]

Lisa Kane DeVitto
108 S Main St.
Phone: (850) 443-0214
Email: [email protected]

Cynthia Burton
109 N Prospect St.
Email: [email protected]

Registered Agent:

Michael Esposito
City Manager
3 N Summit St
Phone: (386) 698-2525
Email: [email protected]